Software for Moving Companies

HouseNia Software is a moving software that comes with a series of features specifically designed to help every moving company, big or small, manage a job from start to finish.

The software is free to use.


We work with
small, medium and BIG movers

Our goal is to provide support and assistance to moving companies by offering complete solutions:

  • A platform you can FREELY use to advertise, get leads and manage your business
  • An Inventory Builder that can be used by both you and your customers
  • Lead Capture & Management to ensure Conversion
  • A CRM for managing your profile and your jobs
  • Advanced Tools and Paperless System
  • And much more upcoming!

of using our Moving Software

You can improve and have more reliable management through the use of a moving software. Having a dependable and well founded management system helps you stay ahead of competition!

  • Using a software specifically designed for movers and moving companies
  • Getting ORGANIC leads
  • Constant software development
  • AI assisted tasks

Available features

Existing functionalities, that you can use, free of charge. Just use the GET STARTED button.

  • Create an inventory of items(for the customer)
  • Provide quotes on the spot.
  • Manage your jobs, and future movings.
  • Manage your leads, and contact, directly through the app.

How does HouseNia Software monetize?

Right now, our platform does not monetize in any way. However, in the future, we intend to always offer a free plan, and an affordable premium plan of $99 in order to support our development and provide future updates.

We aim on creating reliable software that works, while providing an affordable plan(of $99) for your moving company.

If you aim to support our product, and you would like to get involved, please submit the following form.

Colaborează cu echipa

Web based. No app required

All you need to use the service is your preferred web browser. No app or other software needs to be installed, everything works right out the box.

Facturi recurente

Visual Profile

With HouseNia Software you get the transparency that you always needed with your customers. Everything is upfront. For both, you and your customer.

Facturi personalizate

Personalised settings

Meters or inches? USD? Euro? Pounds ? HouseNia Software is a safe choice. We can handle your business.

Profile exposure

We provide a customizable profile page, that is optimized to get your business a notch up.

With our software, you candidate to be a better mover.


Manage your potential leads/customers/job details under a single system.

Helps you convert more leads, organize your moving company better.

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We work on providing a software solution that works for you as a mover, and it does its purpose: helps you at your job.

Save money by working smarter.

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