HouseNia Software vs Movegistics vs MoveitPro vs Best Movers CRM

We may not be as well-known as they are, but we guarantee that the solutions we provide are as better but more affordable.

See below why we are a better alternative

You spend a lot of money on well-known moving solutions, but you can get the same ones for a much lower cost. HouseNia Software has the same solutions for your moving company if not more.

Let’s compare and see!

HouseNia Software



Best Movers CRM










Add Company


Quote Settings



Public Jobs



Business Entity



My Business




Public Jobs Management

The price 💵

HouseNia Software

It has a free plan where you can use all of its features and a premium plan where you can get extra features for $5!

New, small, or big moving companies can use HouseNia Software


Starter plan: $99/month: It includes one CRM per user and one Mover App User.

Only for small and new moving companies

Growth plan: $199/month. It includes 2 CRM users, 2 Mover Survey App, and 2 Mover BOL App Users

Only for growing companies

Enterprise plan: $399/month. It includes 3 CRM users, 3 Mover Survey App Users, 3 Mover BOL App Users, and Unlimited Mover Storage App Users

Only for established moving companies


They have a free trial and a $100/month per feature.

Best Movers CRM

Basic plan: $75/month per user.

Additional user $25

You can add an unlimited number of trucks and fleet workers

You have access to all features of their CRM as a basic usage account holder

Enterprise plan: $2000/month

Unlimited amounts of active users

You can separate the domain name from the database. It works best for larger businesses.

Now let’s talk about the features

HouseNia Software

We make every effort to provide the best management tools for a more efficient and effective organization.

Company Management

You can manage all the aspects of your moving company using our tools

  • Widget
  • My business
  • Business Entity
  • Employees
  • Location
  • Vehicles
  • Profile
  • Helpers


Our software allows you to create a quick house inventory while also selecting the location you're leaving and the one you're going to.


Our platform allows you to manage leads, capture leads, and convert leads. Above all, we handle this process professionally, generating new clients and, most importantly, assisting your business in growing.

  • Lead management
  • Lead capturing
  • Lead converting

Public Jobs

To reduce the burden on HR, we offer you the option of working from home.

  • Ample audience
  • Identify the right candidate for the right job
  • 24 hours accessibility


Our software includes a quote section where you can get an estimate. You will be able to select which services you want, such as storage, (un)packing, and (un)loading, as well as white-glove services and many others. As a result, you may be able to estimate the total cost of the relocation.


Our software allows your company to post and provide storage units. We will assist you in connecting with those who require those services.

Aside from those, we have additional features designed specifically for easier job management.


Capture & organize your leads

The estimator integrates directly into your website and enables your prospects to provide move data through the use of engaging visual aids.


You can use their onsite estimating mobile app or complete a phone survey through the CRM.


Storage tracking, recurring invoicing, and payments.

Dispatch the move

Scheduling software
Wireless dispatching

Call Center Booking Service

They have representatives in the office who are ready to speak with customers almost immediately.


In-Home Surveys

Letting your onsite estimators bring a tablet to your customer's location and do all of your estimating on a functional, native app for either Apple iOS or Android allows you to take an entire inventory from your mobile device.

Live Tracking

While in the field, the app enables you to see where your crews and onsite estimators are.

Call Center Booking Service

MoveitPro is available 88 hours a week to manage all of your inbound and outbound calls.

Customer Portal

You can send estimates to your customers through their customer portal

Best Movers CRM

  • Online moving estimate calculator
  • Online Chat
  • Estimator Application
  • Electronic Signatures

Choose HouseNia Software

You can improve and have reliable management through the use of dependable moving software.

Existing functionalities, and features you can find on well-known moving software companies, at a much more affordable price.

Create an inventory of items, provide quotes on the spot, manage your jobs and future moving, and manage your leads, and contacts directly through the app.