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We’re excited and getting ready to launch our first beta release! A real live release, where you can actually use the app, and get back with feedback.

If you plan on moving your home or office, you will need the help of a professional moving company. And if you are a moving company, you will need to use the best moving software out there. 

Our BookAMover platform is designed to help moving companies manage their workflow, get new leads and new customers, and create moving inventories for their clients. We know that our software can make a big difference for moving companies, and we are hopeful that you will give it a try!

Our software was created specifically in order to help moving companies, and it focuses on quality. In order to do that, we make sure to provide the finest management tools for a better and smoother organization.

Here are a couple of reasons for getting started with our moving software:

-it’s free of charge. We’ll always offer a free plan;

-it uses the newest technologies, and we’re going to KEEP adding features.

I’ve been asked in the past about how we’re going to monetize and how will the product survive if it will always be free of charge. That is a very good question! 

We will always offer a Free Plan. However, there will also be a Premium Plan available, where you can get additional features that will not be accessible within Free Plan. 

Right now, all the features from the app are FREE to use. We do not request your card number, cardholder name, nor the expiry date in order to access our software. 

We only kindly ask for your feedback as a moving company! That way, we will be able to improve our product based on what’s most important: how to better the user experience – using direct feedback – and how to make the most out of it.

I must admit that I’m a bit nervous about going live, but I’m also very excited to do so. I know this is just the start, and I’m very confident of what my team and I can achieve regarding developing and providing our software. 

Our aim is to offer GOOD and RELIABLE solutions for your business. Everything else will follow.

Until next time!

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Written and posted on 03 of March 2022 by Fabian.

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