Long-distance moving leads – How to get them

Let’s talk about long-distance moving leads and how can you get them.

Any company’s lifeline is its sales. Customers are required to make sales. Where do prospective customers come from?

They begin with leads for “in-home” appointments. We understand that tariffs usually restrict any quote across state lines from being given. This happens without a thorough business or home investigation.

Leads sales types

Moving and storage companies can generate three types of sales leads:

They dial your number

They recognize your brand image from previous transactions with you or from your company’s overall reputation. These are the greatest beneficial leads because they have a high closing probability and are “free”.

They possess the longest timeframe between gaining knowledge about your brand and going to contact you for a moving quote. This means that they can’t always be counted on to satisfy your monthly sales targets.

They are delicious when they arrive, but completely unpredictable.


This type of lead is beneficial because the potential has expressed interest, but they are unlikely to close because they are unfamiliar with your corporation and may be shopping other contenders as well.

Being given the chance to provide a quote, on the other hand, is a good lead and demonstrates attention.

This form of lead requires less time to nurture. In truth, it could occur in a single day, but the likelihood of it resulting in a sale is lower than 50/50.


These are leads that you purchase from a list intermediary, or from a corporation that maintains a record of individuals who may be moving soon.

They necessitate some selling because the potential may not be interested in your company and may have only discovered it from your phone call or sales piece in the mail.

Although the closing percentage is low in this case, it is still regarded as a lead and may outcome in a sale.

While weak in worth, this type of lead has the shortest lag phase and may outcome in a fast appointment. It tales more nurturing than the other two stages of leads, but it is still a lead that, if sold adequately, can outcome in a sale.


A long-distance sales lead of any kind is beneficial because the eventual results sale is usually $3,000 or more and thus can justify a relatively high lead generation cost.

Most moving and storage companies attempt to maintain the cost of long-distance sales leads under $100, but it is frequently higher depending on the marketplace.

The Inbound Lead from a Get Quote Form on your website is the most beneficial and simplest to obtain of all leads. Outbound Leads close about 12% of the time, while this lead closes at least 20% of the time.

When your website is optimized for web leads, they will begin to arrive…steadily at first, but steadily increasing over time. It is normal to anticipate 30-100 leads per month in the winter/spring months preceding the busy period moving season.

It can seamlessly be 200-300 leads per month, based on the market size and brand awareness.

Don’t dismiss your website as a “lead generation machine”. It does not occur overnight. However, with the appropriate knowledge optimization, it can provide your company with a steady stream of moving sales leads. This will allow you to run a financially viable and dominant moving and storage biz.

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